The Dou Good Foundation

fp_0004_41193The Dou Good Foundation

was established in June of 2009 with the goal of helping different causes around the world. This "charity for charities" does not focus its resources in any one area. Instead, the Dou Good Foundation makes a donation to a different person or cause every month, with the goal of making the world a better place by touching as many lives as possible.

FoodWhat we do

We always wanted to start a foundation.  A large one... but until then we might as well start with a small one!  We want to help the world with one good deed a month.  We are starting with our own money, small money!  But we are looking into the future with big aspirations...

fp_0003_cbi0018How Can You Help?

Join us in our efforts to produce positive change. The quickest way to help is by simply sending us an email and describing how you'd like help.

Click here to send us an email.

US Director of operations: Bill Hess

Canada Director of Operations: Peter Thanas

Greece: Director of Operations: Julia Papadimitriou

Our Projects We Support

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Cure Batten

Our dear friend Gordon Grey and his wife are trying to CURE BATTEN and save their little girls.

We support them and wish them all the best for their family and the greater cause.

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Heroes Project Film

We are supporting this documentary of our good friend Michael Mailis because this story must be told so it can inspire and motivate.

Visit The Heroes Project Film KICKSTARTER page.

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We are supporting this important organization in finding a cure for this terrible disease.

Visit amfAR.

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Supporting Elodie Brulere in her walk for Women

Please checkout the information below and help support a great event.

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Friends of Mirto

Friends of Mirto is a group of teenagers and young adults who have come to know 16 year old Mirto Papadomichelaki who was the victim of a great tragedy. On July 22, 2012 at approximately 7:15 p.m., Mirto was viciously attacked. Mirto, whose family lives in Athens, was vacationing in Paros at the time. She needs our help to regain her life. Read the Full Story

Helping our local orphanage

Our local orphanage in Volos, Greece with 22 beautiful kids living there.
We were super happy to help in a few ways. Children are innocent and definitely anything we can do we all should.

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Making kids happier

Very small donation but our favorite elementary school got new nets from our foundation and made all the kids happy!

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Go Dawn! at Best Buddies Challenge!

We support Dawn Knepley and all her endeavors for Best Buddies Challenge, Hearst Castle.

Click here for more information for Best Buddies.

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We are supporting the festival that helps the young and honors the old.
Already on its 4th year and going strong into preparing for its 5th.

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Stockings for Soldiers

Stockings For Soldiers was founded to help improve the morale and welfare of members of the armed forces of the
United States of America deployed in harm's way.

We accomplish our mission by sewing holiday stockings and filling them with special items for the troops.
Many of the stockings that we send are for a specific person with their name on the stocking. For many troops.
our gift is all they receive for the holidays.

Read more about it here.



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CNN Heros

Everyday people are changing the world. And you can help, by donating to their causes now through December 31, 2012. All donations are tax deductible in the U.S., and 100% of donations go straight to their designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. There is a minimum donation amount of $5 and maximum of $25,000. Watch a video of the Top 10 Heroes and read about them below.


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Save A Greek Stray

Our dear friend is running a great organization saving hundreds of dogs by taking care of them and finding loving homes.

Click for more information.

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Comic Book Classroom

Comic Book Classroom (Denver Comic Con) - donated boxes of children's books, posters, and balloons for giveaways.

Click for more information:

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Make A Wish

Make A Wish (Pittsburgh Comic Con Charity Auction)- Donated Stan Lee autographed books for auction benefiting Make A Wish in Pittsburgh. Click for more information:

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Aurora Rise Benefit Event

Aurora Rise Benefit Event - Donated Stan Lee autographed books, posters, and litho prints for the auction, which will benefit the victims and their families of the Aurora shooting. Click for more information:

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Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors Project- Donated Stan Lee autographed books, posters, and more to a Free Comic Book day auction which benefited the Wounded Warriors Project. Click for more information:

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Fredrik Cavali

Our friend Fredrik Cavali is running to support patients with breast cancer. Since many loved ones we all know have this terrible illness we support the ones who try to do something to raise awareness and try and find a cure. Go Cavali!

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Help Greece

The Dougood foundation is dedicated to helping Greece. Its an amazing country, beautiful, historic and has really loving people who care about their country. We are dedicated to helping in any way we can... From individuals to promoting the country as a safe destination and helping clear the country's name from all the bad press.

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Amit Gupta was diagnosed with leukemia. He urgently needs to find someone who can donate bone marrow to help him in his fight! To fight leukemia, he needs matching bone marrow. Despite 9.5 million people on the National Registry, South Asians are severely underrepresented. The odds for an Indian minority finding a match in the registry are 1 in 20,000.

The Brown Bone Benefit is an awareness event to get people of all backgrounds registered on the list. An online auction helped to raise nearly $8,000 dollars for medical needs.

The dougood foundation donated three Stan Lee autographed comic books for the auction to support Amit and the cause.


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Demi and Ashton Foundation

On a recent interview we saw, Demi and Ashton are really using their celebrity in the right way. Supporting those who are in need. Especially young girls who are being taken advantage of. You can start by just buying a t-shirt and support any way you can...

For more information visit:

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Thrive Alive
Our director of operations in Vancouver, Canada PETER THANAS is now part of THRIVE ALIVE an amazing brand new foundation that helps cancer patients get alternative treatment by getting sponsored and flown to Vancouver and find new ways of getting through the tough times and natural ways to support their recovery. For more information visit,
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Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation

We are big supporters of the MOTION PICTURE & TELEVISION FUND FOUNDATION and on behalf of our partner we made a very large donation on January 2010.

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The Lucky Girls Movie: 4000 Raindrops

This is a great cause and we are proud to support the amazing job those people are doing in India for all those girls.

Los Angeles, CA (INSPYRS PR) - March 7, 2011 - The Lucky Girls Movie production team announces its Lenten campaign, "4,000 Raindrops"to raise $4,000 in 40 days, scheduled to commence on Monday, March 7, 2011. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of a water well for the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Girl's Orphanage in Bakeswar, India. The campaign will utilize the Lucky Girls movie, a short documentary on the orphanage and social media outlets as tools for young adults and youth to fundraise.

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Japan in Crisis

Help us support the rebuilding efforts of this epic catastrophe. With close to 20,000 either confirmed dead or missing, half a million people living in shelters and with a 400km-long path of destruction, the Japanese people need our help. We are sending supplies and looking for other areas of critical need we can help with.

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LA Greek Film festival

Every year we support this festival because it gives Greek filmmakers a chance to come to Los Angeles and meet experts in the business who can help them and also to showcase their films and the Greek culture to the American Audience. This August I am starting my own festival to support the Greek youth. For more information, visit our Greek website,

This is the festival we started to support the youth and people that dont have access to anything entertainment related but still have a voice and want to speak via cinema. On August 28th we begin the festival and we will showcase many films but also give out many gifts and most importantly create a platform where people can express themselves.

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