The Dou Good Foundation

fp_0004_41193The Dou Good Foundation

was established in June of 2009 with the goal of helping different causes around the world. This "charity for charities" does not focus its resources in any one area. Instead, the Dou Good Foundation makes a donation to a different person or cause every month, with the goal of making the world a better place by touching as many lives as possible.

FoodWhat we do

We always wanted to start a foundation.  A large one... but until then we might as well start with a small one!  We want to help the world with one good deed a month.  We are starting with our own money, small money!  But we are looking into the future with big aspirations...

fp_0003_cbi0018How Can You Help?

Join us in our efforts to produce positive change. The quickest way to help is by simply sending us an email and describing how you'd like help.

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US Director of operations: Bill Hess

Canada Director of Operations: Peter Thanas

Greece: Director of Operations: Julia Papadimitriou




Amit Gupta was diagnosed with leukemia. He urgently needs to find someone who can donate bone marrow to help him in his fight! To fight leukemia, he needs matching bone marrow. Despite 9.5 million people on the National Registry, South Asians are severely underrepresented. The odds for an Indian minority finding a match in the registry are 1 in 20,000.

The Brown Bone Benefit is an awareness event to get people of all backgrounds registered on the list. An online auction helped to raise nearly $8,000 dollars for medical needs.

The dougood foundation donated three Stan Lee autographed comic books for the auction to support Amit and the cause.